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Celtics Debate: Is Jaylen Brown Now The Best Player On The Celtics?

A Celtics debate has risen recently after a great start to the season by Celtics forward Jaylen Brown. Who is the best player on the Celtics? Hot Start In 6 games, Jaylen Brown is showing big improvements to his game. After being snubbed last year of an all-star spot, he’s back playing with a purpose. […]


2021 MVP Candidate And How Jayson Tatum Can Be That This Season

In 2021, the MVP award is among the most respected and glorified accomplishments a player can get. As for Jayson Tatum, this upcoming season may his for the taking. Here are some reasons why this upcoming year might be his time. No Hayward Means More touches The 22-year-old from St. Louis has grown every year […]


NBA Preseason Starting And What To Keep An Eye Out For In Boston

The NBA preseason for the Celtics is set to begin 12/15 against the Doc Rivers led 76ers, but there are a few dynamics that will be interesting.  The NBA came up with a way to still fit in some games before the actual regular season begins. Although, the timing of these games is pretty close […]

2020-21 NBA Season Starts Dec 22nd: What To Look Out For

According to NBA.com the 2020-21 season is set to begin on December 22nd. With it being a couple days before Christmas, fans will be able to fully enjoy the holiday with sports. However, as for the athletes, the quick turnaround season may cause some issues.  Training camp will start Tuesday. The preseason will be next […]

Thanksgiving Edition: Things To Be Grateful For As A Boston Fan

It’s Thanksgiving time and the holidays are among us. 2020 has been full of disappointments for more reasons other than sports. Last month, Halloween showed the downsides of what’s currently happening in Boston sports. However, here’s a few things to be grateful for.  Bill Belichick Is Still With Us It’s easy to get caught up […]

Tristan Thompson Is Heading To Boston To Solve Front Court Issues

Celtics signed former Cavelier Tristan Thompson to a two year contract for $19 million. After the departure of Gordon Hayward this week, Boston fans needed some good news. Luckily, Bradley Stevens has added a former NBA champion to his roster. With this sign, it could possibly put an end to the frontcourt issues that Boston […]

Charlotte Hornets Get Hayward: What That Means For Celtics

It’s been a busy week for the Charlotte Hornets along with the rest of the NBA. The NBA draft took place and the Michael Jordan owned team picked LaMelo Ball. Using their 2nd pick on a point guard, now they’ve acquired a forward.  According to WEII news, Gordon Hayward has opted out of his contract […]

League continues to make headlines for not giving updates

The National Hockey League wrapped up their season on September 28th when the Tampa Bay Lightning knocked out the Dallas Stars in game six to win The Stanley Cup. Since then, the league has put out some interesting ideas for how to tackle their 2020-2021 campaign.  They have tinkered with having certain cities designated as […]

Celtics Fans Panic As Gordon Hayward Reportedly Wants Out Of Boston

Bad news for Celtics fans as an NBA veteran may want out. According to multiple sources, Gordon Hayward reportedly wants out of Boston. It was a concern since the end of the season whether the former Butler player will stay in Boston. Being that he was formerly a player for coach Brad Stevens in college, […]