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Regular Season Fixes For Brad Stevens Before NBA Playoffs Begin

A few days ago the NBA resumed its regular season play inside Disney Studios in Florida. The Celtics were defeated by the Bucks 112-119 in the first game back. And while it’s still a regular-season game, coach Brad Stephens has some fixes to make. Frontcourt The frontcourt is one of the biggest issues for the […]

Who Was More Important To The Patriots Dynasty? Brady or Belichick?

The question around the Patriots Dynasty has been: ‘Who’s more important to the success? Brady or Belichick?’ Tom Brady has always defied the odds in his career. The 199th 2000 pick came in to New England as a backup and worked his way in to the starting position. With a few injuries and cuts to […]

New NBA Schedule Puts Celtics In Good Position For Postseason

We are still a month away from the season resuming in late July. The redefined 8-game NBA schedule has been released. All the teams involved are already in the playoffs, with the Celtics schedule looking favorable. These next 8 games played before the postseason will define how it will go for the C’s moving forward. […]