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Tommy Heinsohn was a true Boston Sports icon, may he rest in peace

On November 10th, Boston sports legend Tommy Heinsohn passed away at the age of 86. Heinsohn had been a part of the Boston Celtics organization since he was a rookie forward in the 1956-1957 season. HOF Player; Tommy Heinsohn Along with fellow rookie Bill Russell, Heinsohn contributed to bringing Boston their first NBA title. Over […]

Auerbach Once Called Heinsohn The “Oldest 27-Year-Old Body In The History Of Sports”

Most young Celtics fans see Tommy Heinsohn as the aged Celtics TV analyst. Some may know the 8-Time Champion and 6-Time All-Star was 1957 Rookie-of-the-Year when Bill Russell was a fellow-rookie in the same season. What most don’t know is that then-coach, Red Auerbach, belittled Heinsohn unmercifully – because Red knew Tommy could take it […]

Hearts In The Rafters: Immortalizing Celtic’s Greats

With the recent news of the retirement of Keven Garnett’s number a lot of murmuring has taken place on whether or not Ray Allen deserves the same honor. Before getting too deep into that question, it’s important to look at those who have gone before and why their numbers are synonymous with the Boston Celtics. […]

Trade Deadline: What Moves Will The Celtics Make?

The trade deadline is soon approaching, and more rumors are appearing about who the Danny Ainge is eyeing to bring to Boston. Washington’s Davis Bertans and Houston’s Clint Capella are on the top of the list. With big men Daniel Theis and Enis Katner performing at all time high levels, is trading for a big […]