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Did Bill Belichick Lose the Leonard Fournette Sweepstakes to Tom Brady?

Jeff Howe reported that Bill Belichick reached out to former Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette Wednesday afternoon. Evan Lazar added that the Bills were another team in the mix. The Patriots could have had a serious interest or had been doing their due diligence, as they do with most free agents on the market. Albert […]

Robert Kraft Chose the Coach Over The Quarterback

The new Patriots book ‘The Dynasty’ really was an in-depth look at the Patriot’s success. If you read in between the lines you could see why Brady left New England and it was best for all involved. Patriots Owner Robert Kraft was always going to choose Belichick over any positional player. He did that with […]

Tom Brady’s 2018 Thumb Injury Explained in “The Dynasty”

Tom Brady’s thumb injury in 2018 is one of the more recent mysteries to occur in the New England saga. First reports stated Brady cut his right thumb open on a handoff to Rex Burkhead in practice and received four stitches. The public did not receive much more information on the incident. The team stayed […]

Julian Edelman Prepared to Lead by Example in Unprecedented Season

Patriots’ Nation was astonished by Tom Brady’s decision to leave New England, but his go-to receiver since 2013 had to have taken the news the hardest. Edelman was widely known as a fanboy to the legendary quarterback, and the two grew close as he rose to be a key piece in The Patriots’ second dynasty. […]

Where Is The Video Of Patriots Quarterbacks Throwing At Training Camp?

Training camp has started in the NFL. For some teams they are taking it slow, and other teams are already throwing. For example, Tom Brady’s Bucs are already hitting the facility running. Brady has been seen throwing working with his new teammates. The Patriots, however, have yet to throw the football on the practice field. […]

Patriots Quarterback Tug-of-War: Who’s Got the Edge?

As training camp nears, the discussion regarding who will become the next Patriots quarterback gets hotter. When Tom Brady announced he was leaving the team in March it was a general consensus Jarrett Stidham would step into the role next. However, conversations were halted a bit when the team unexpectedly signed Cam Newton in mid-June. […]

Who Was More Important To The Patriots Dynasty? Brady or Belichick?

The question around the Patriots Dynasty has been: ‘Who’s more important to the success? Brady or Belichick?’ Tom Brady has always defied the odds in his career. The 199th 2000 pick came in to New England as a backup and worked his way in to the starting position. With a few injuries and cuts to […]

Post Brady-Belichick Era, Who Has More To Prove?

We’re still months away from the NFL season kicking off. And now that changes have been made, we are officially in the post Brady-Belichick era. The 6x Super Bowl quarterback has moved on to Tampa Bay to seek his 7th Lombardi trophy, while Belichick is still in New England with a younger looking squad seeking […]

Pros and Cons of a Reduced NFL Preseason

The NFL preseason has been cut in half this year due to complications arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. This has unsurprisingly produced mixed reactions from fans and team personnel alike. Here are two pros and two cons following the decision to shorten the preseason. Con: More Difficult to Analyze Players For coaches, executives and journalists […]