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Belichick Trolls Lane Johnson – 2 Years In The Making

Bill Belichick was having fun in Philly yesterday, as his team got another shot at the Eagles. Patriots fans should remember Lane Johnson for his asinine comments about New England. After the heartbreaking loss in 2017 to the Eagles, Lane Johnson went on a podcast to talk about the Patriots. Johnson mentioned the “Patriot way” […]

Tom Brady Says He Can Play at 47 years old

Tom Brady has been fighting Father Time for years now, it’s been incredible to watch him get better as he ages. Tom has maintained that he’s playing until he’s 45 barring any catastrophes, and now he’s looking to go even longer. Alex Guerrero (Brady’s personal trainer) went on WEEI today and dropped some news about […]

N’Keal Harry giving Pats D problems, Good problems

Harry, the Patriots first round pick, has been through extremely high and low points in his young professional career. The Number 1 pick was thought by many to be a big time playmaker that the team desperately needed, although that didn’t last long. Harry from the Begining The very first WR Bill Belichick has ever […]

Brady talks Miami

The Patriots have been able to dominate the league for 20 years home and away. Miami, however, is one place New England has struggled and nobody seems to know exactly why. Miami is not Brady or Bill’s favorite place Tom Brady starts off saying “Miami is a challenging place to play.” The Patriots are traveling […]

The feat Brady and Belichick have not yet accomplished together

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the greatest quarterback and head coach duo in NFL history. At this point, that declaration is far from a hot take. I am sure you have come to that conclusion somewhere during this miraculous run of success. No matter what season, game, or play finally brought you to this […]

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