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Set Your DVRs Patriots Fans – America’s Game Binge

You can choose to be sad and depressed about Tom Brady leaving. Heck, combined with Covid-19 it’s the mother of all downers. But hope it peeking ever so slightly around the corner, with Phase 1 happening in Massachusetts currently, in earnest starting tomorrow. With that in mind, how about celebrating the Brady lead Patriots Super […]

Patriots Draft Grades

With the NFL draft coming to a close the Patriots have once again bewildered draft analysts and fans with their classic style of drafting. While some in the media are flaming Belichick’s and Caserio’s decisions, that is due to their lack of knowledge of the talented prospects that were selected. Here is each player drafted […]

Brady and Gronk Didn’t Want To Play For Belichick Anymore

All three egos got in the way With 2020 getting worse for Patriot fans, Gronkowski was traded to the Bucs for a fourth round pick. Let’s face it. Gronk never retired, he just didn’t want to play for Belichick anymore because he wasn’t having fun. Just like Tom Brady, who spent 20 seasons in New […]