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Mookie Betts Will Spend the Rest of His Career as a Dodger

Jeff Passan of ESPN is reporting that the Los Angeles Dodgers are close to finalizing a 13 year deal with impending free agent and former Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts that will be worth more than $380 Million. This deal includes his 2020 salary of $27 million, so the extension finalizes at 12 years for […]

The 21st Anniversary of the 1999 All Star Game

Monday marks the 21-year anniversary of the 1999 MLB All Star Game. July 13, 1999 forever goes down as one of the greatest nights in the history of Fenway Park. That night the entire game of baseball was truly America’s past time. Nothing was bigger than baseball in this country in terms of the sports […]

Are You Prepared For The Upcoming Boston Sports Overload?

Boston is finally on the verge of enjoying professional sports again. The Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins will be on your television in less than a month. The Patriots season is also on the horizon. The four Boston teams are going to be competing for your eyeballs like never before. It will be fascinating seeing […]

A Farewell to the Pawtucket Red Sox and McCoy Stadium

Like most people I planned on having an eventful summer. This included heading down to Mansfield to catch a concert, as well as other various meet-ups with friends. But more importantly, I had one final trip to Pawtucket, RI circled on my calendar.  Then Covid-19 happened, and it turned the entire world upside down. Just […]

The Forgotten Star Of 1995: Mo Vaughn Won MVP, Led Sox to AL East Title

Major League Baseball continuing to turn fans away right now has forced seam heads to head to the vault. ESPN gave us “Long Gone Summer” last Sunday and a trip down memory lane for the 1998 baseball season. This Sunday it was MLB Network giving us a documentary called “Junior”. Junior of course is Ken […]