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Jarrett Stidham Will Work Well With Josh McDaniels

Jarrett Stidham is heading into his second season with the Patriots. It could also be his first season under center as the starting quarterback. With Belichick not drafting a quarterback in the 2020 draft it’s clear all eyes are on Stidham. He has the same amount of guys on offense that Brady had last year. […]

The Patriots Aren’t Tanking – Stidham is the Quarterback

Patriot fans Jarrett Stidham is the quarterback for the Patriots. They will not get Cam Newton or Andy Dalton. Belichick isn’t interested, they won’t tank away a season and lose on purpose that isn’t in Belichick’s DNA. People thinking that don’t know Belichick and still aren’t over Brady leaving for Tampa. People haven’t even given […]

Belichick Wants To Prove He Can Win Without Brady

For the first time in 19 years Belichick will have a quarterback on the field not named Tom Brady. Before the Patriots Belichick had one prior head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns. That didn’t go well, and is probably the most forgettable part of his career. Belichick’s legacy is tied to his time with […]

Devin McCourty And Matt Slater Will Be The Leaders In The Locker- Room

With the biggest shift in the last 20 years for the Patriots is the longest tenured Patriot is Matt Slater. Slater, the special teams captain, is a great voice in the locker room. With Tom Brady gone Slater’s leadership will be great as always. The Patriots aren’t going to tank under Bill Belichick, he will […]

Who’s Ego Got In The Way: Belichick’s or Brady’s?

When you think of the Patriots dynstay you think of Belichick, Brady, and Kraft. Even with all the winning there can be frustration at times. It all started in 2014, when Belichick drafted Garoppolo and brought up Brady’s age and contract situation. That didn’t sit well with Brady, but he ended up winning two Super […]