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No Excuses For Yesterday’s Loss

The Patriots’ loss to the Broncos shouldn’t have happened. Nobody today cares about the excuses for yesterday’s loss. Lack of practice, Cam Newton missed three weeks, and nobody to throw too doesn’t really matter. It all comes to making adjustments and beating a bad Broncos team. The Patriots had two weeks to prepare for the […]

NFL Trade Deadline Moves That Best Suit The Patriots Receiving Core

The NFL trade deadline is Nov 3rd. With that, the New England Patriots are one trade away from being an elite team in the league. Most likely, if they were to make any moves, it would be at the receiver position.  There’s no secret that the Patriots have a good defense with one of the […]

COVID-19 Strike Again, Leaving More Issues For Patriots And The NFL

COVID-19 strikes again. And although Bill Belichick is the master of adjusting, this time it may be a steep hill.  Just days before the game against the Kansas City Chiefs game was set to go down, big news hit. Patriots quarterback Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19. Not only will he miss the game, the […]

It’s Too Early To Compare Mahomes/Reid to Brady/Belichick

The Brady/Belichick relationship that built the dynasty, didn’t start after one Super Bowl win. Nobody thought after Super Bowl XXXVI, all these years later they’d win six championships. It took time, commitment, and teamwork. In the end, both sides were on different isles and it was time for a change. It lasted 20 years and […]

Patriots Have A Tough Task Against The Kansas City Chiefs

The Patriots are very entertaining to watch so far. Quarterback Cam Newton has taken a leadership approach in his first year with the team. The two Patriots wins so far this season have been good ones. Also, it’s cool to see how this offense comes together with Newton. The running game was solid in Sunday’s […]

Cam Newton Is A Better Quarterback For The Patriots Than Brady

Nobody predicted that Brady would go to Tampa and have a superstar team around him in March. Then, Gronkowski comes out of retirement they get a few good running backs, draft a left tackle. On paper, the Buccaneers looked unstoppable. While Cam Newton was joining a Patriots team that lacked offensively. Both Brady and Newton […]

Patriots Offense Getting Better Each Week: Cam Is A Leader

The Patriots lost Sunday, however, the Cam Newton offense is exciting. Newton has more connections with his receivers than Brady did with the same group. Brady, wouldn’t give N’Keal the time of day. Now, Newton is giving him the time of day and giving him the chance to grow and succeed. Newton kept the Patriots […]

Quarterback Cam Newton Has High Praise For N’Keal Harry

A year ago Tom Brady couldn’t even loom at N’Keal Harry. He got annoyed Harry wasn’t getting the offense as a rookie in the league. Brady had zero patience and didn’t trust him. Now, a year later Cam Newton comes here and wants to work with a receiver who is young in the league. For […]

Takeaway’s From The Patriots Win Over The Dolphins On Sunday

Sunday’s win over Miami was a step in the right direction. The Offense looked good under Cam Newton. The defense made stops when it needed too. This new look Patriots team could win 10 games with Newton at quarterback. Their schedule is tough but between the coaching amd execution they should be alright. Below are […]