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Bruins That Will Probably Get Their Number Retired

This year the Bruins looked to be having their best 82-game season in Boston’s history before the season was halted. In our final addition to this series (as we’ve excluded the Celtics due to them pretty much retiring everybody’s numbers), we take a look at some past and present players that could get their numbers […]

This Day In Bruins History 5/10/1970: “The Goal”

The last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in the old Boston Garden was 1941. 29 years later history would repeat itself. With its cramped dressing rooms, painted cinderblock walls, and perhaps the smallest ice surface, players had to play aggressive and the Bruins played aggressively. Boston, at its core, is a hockey city, […]

24 Team NHL Playoffs

With the 2019-20 NHL season still paused speculation is starting to build once again. The latest buzz is covering a change in the playoff format, allowing for 24 playoff teams. This is being talked about as a possible fix if the regular season is unable to be finished. An interesting thing to note is if […]