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Celtics and Bruins playoff schedule this week

The annual tradition of flipping back and forth between a Celtics and Bruins postseason game has returned. The Celtics kick off their playoff series with the Philadelphia 76ers this week. While at the same time, the Bruins will continue to battle the Carolina Hurricanes. Here is the schedule for both the Celtics and Bruins this […]

Can The Bruins Get Lucky Again With Easy Road To the Stanley Cup?

By Kevin Stone/@kstone06 Well, we wanted sports back, but none of us knew it would be this ugly. After months of clamoring for the return of sports, we’ve got more than we can handle right now. The C’s are wrapping up their regular season and have looked good. But that’s about all that’s looked good […]

The NHL’s wild Play-in Tournament and Round Robin concludes today

The NHL has now been back for over a week and it has been glorious. There have already been a few shocking occurrences that nobody could have seen coming. Why not us? The Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadiens, both slotted as lowly 12th seeds, are on to the playoffs. The 2 highest-seeded teams in the […]