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MLB Players “Relish” The Chance For A Grievance – Deal Not Done

There are reports that MLB players relish the chance for a grievance. This deal is not done. The following is exactly what the players gave up by voting 33-5 against the latest proposal from MLB: Salary Relief The owners were offering $33 Million in salary relief for the lowest paid players. What does that mean […]

The Celtics Will Need Marcus Smart More Than Ever In The Playoffs

As we still wait for the NBA season to resume in late July critics, analysts, and basketball fans in general are curious on how much the Celtics will be able to challenge the Bucks. The truth is that we know about the superstars in Boston. But Marcus Smart may be the key to the postseason […]

Celtics vs. Mavericks 11/20/2017, When Irving-Celtics Union Looked Great

Whether you like Kyrie Irving or hate him, when he came to Boston in 2017 he may have been one of the most-dangerous players with the ball in his hands of any point guard in the League. He put his skills on display early in his stint with the Celtics, when Boston traveled to Dallas […]

Marcus Smart Saved a Shard of Glass from His 2018 Injury

It was nearly two seasons ago when Marcus Smart decided to go 1-on-1 against a picture frame in a Los Angles hotel room. Unfortunately for him, the picture frame won. Smart was a recent guest on The Lowe Post with ESPN’s Zach Lowe discussing an array of topics, most notably the January 2018 incident where Smart took his frustrations […]