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Nick Wright is having trouble understanding what a miss is

Nick Wright of Fox Sports is not a fan of the Boston sports teams. His track is full of anti-Celtics and Patriots takes. But I literally laughed when I heard his take on Jayson Tatum’s game-winning 3. Nick Wright? Nick Wrong On Fox Sports’ First Things First, Wright started his take off on the wrong […]

Lucky 13? Time Is Just Right For Celtics-Lakers Finals Rematch

If we get the NBA back, we could be in for something special.The NBA is ahead of the curve compared to the other leagues, but nothing is certain right now. If there is indeed a full tournament in Orlando eventually, a Celtics and Lakers Finals is plausible.The C’s and Lakers have met 12 times in […]

Kobe Bryant And Tom Brady Are Both Legends That Brought Championships

When you say the name Kobe Bryant the first word that comes to my mind is champion. When you say Tom Brady the first word that comes to my mind is Champion. Both legends spent two decades with the same team and won championships and MVP’s. They always put in the work and were both […]