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Sanu Vs. Sanders: Trades In Hindsight

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Patriots sprung a deal with the Falcons for receiver Mohamed Sanu. At the same time, Emmanuel Sanders, who was connected to the Patriots, was sent to the 49ers. Now after seven weeks have passed, we look back at who got the better deal. The Sanders Deal 49ers Received: […]

Officiating Not The Only Reason The Patriots Lost

Patriot fans can’t just blame the officials The Patriots have had an up and down year. The offense has struggled repeatedly, and the team itself has been bad these last few weeks. The offense has been worse than the defense, and they can’t seem to fix their mistakes and be consistent. The officials were bad […]

Has Tom Brady Lost Hope In The Offense?

Tom has a right to be frustrated We are now in December and still haven’t seen this offense at its full potential. Between the turnover at receiver, rookies not connecting with Tom Brady, and Dorsett and Sanu nowhere to be found it is very frustrating. Brady has come to the realization that there’s been inconsistencies […]