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Covid-19 Could Heal MLB

Right off the top, this pandemic is truly horrible and heartbreaking for anyone who’s health, economic status, or general state state of mind is severely affected. Frankly, this sucks. I have dear older friends on a cruise in the south pacific. I haven’t heard from them. I understand this is extremely serious and not to […]

Defending Alex Cora

There is no doubt that the Red Sox have done some sort of electronic cheating. Alex Cora is being eviscerated from Boston to LA for being part of a cheating scandal for both major league teams he has coached or managed for. The Athletic story ($) has multiple sources, at least it appears so. But […]

Alex Cora’s Dark Side

Alex Cora led what many consider to be the greatest Red Sox team ever, the 2018 World Champions. He was chosen, in part, because of his affiliation with the 2017 Champion Houston Astros. Now that Astros team is in the cross-hairs of the Commissioner for a blatant cheating scandal, and Alex Cora was reportedly a […]

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