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Trade Deadline: What Moves Will The Celtics Make?

The trade deadline is soon approaching, and more rumors are appearing about who the Danny Ainge is eyeing to bring to Boston. Washington’s Davis Bertans and Houston’s Clint Capella are on the top of the list. With big men Daniel Theis and Enis Katner performing at all time high levels, is trading for a big […]

Standing Ovation As The Boston Celtics Triumph Over The LA Lakers

It’s very difficult to not get too high on the bigs after a win like this. The Boston Celtics didn’t just beat the #1 team in the West, they dominated the entire narrative of the game. While excuses like Anthony Davis was just retuning from injury and Lebron James didn’t give it his all are […]

Celtic’s Slump

After the last few games, all evidence is pointing to a genuine slump for the Boston Celtics. As wretched as it is to go through this with the team, the good news is, as stated by both Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward, “there’s always the next game to play and get better.” The bad news, […]