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Dave Dombrowski’s Trades Ranked Part 1

Dave Dombrowski’s four-year tenure in Boston brought a World Series Championship and three AL East Division Titles to the Red Sox organization. Dombrowski earned himself the nickname “Dealin’ Dave” for his vast amount of trades over the course of his 41-year career in baseball. As the President of Baseball Operations with the Red Sox, Dombrowski […]

Chaim Bloom Playing Chicken Like Dom Torreto

Chaim Bloom knows this. He’s cool, he’s calm, and he’s staring down Friedman. Friedman has shown his hand, he doesn’t want to give up a single prospect. He wants to been seen as the master, and Bloom the student. He’s got deals with the Red Sox, the Twins, and the Angels. Bloom just has one deal to think to about. That’s why, apologizes to David Price, Bloom holds the trump card.

Sox Sign Chih-Jung Liu: Taiwanese Two-Way Prospect

The Red Sox have slowly lost their once impressive minor league prospect core, thanks in part to win-now trades by former President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski. Guys like Yoan Moncada and Anderson Espinoza were traded away for veteran talents. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it still does hurt their prospect list. Also, […]

The Four Owners of New England Sports Teams Rated

New England sports have seen tremendous success over the past couple of decades. Each owner has made an impression on the culture of the team and its success. While their impact isn’t always positive, overall all owners have shown the ability to get things done. Here are all four owners ranked and rated (A-F). 1. […]