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Cam Newton: Is His Job On The Line For The Patriots?

When the season started it seemed positive for Cam Newton and the Pats. However, since the Raiders game, he’s been off. It’s now even worse after he came back from his COVID-19 diagnosis. He was benched last week in the second half for Jarrett Stidham. It doesn’t help his best player is James White, but […]

The Patriots Aren’t The Same Without Quarterback Tom Brady

The Patriots are a dreadful team right now. They are so bad that because they don’t have quarterback Tom Brady, they are getting exposed. Brady would be there to bail them out. But now, they don’t have a Brady type of player and it’s showing. The quarterback play is putrid, they have zero receivers, tight […]

Adjustments Needed For Patriots To Make Before December Arrives

After a loss to the Denver Broncos Sunday, some adjustments are needed for Belichick and his team. Luckily, it is yet to be December. A month where the Patriots typically thrive and get their identity together. In addition, December football is also where the more crucial games happen for positioning in the playoffs. These adjustments […]

NFL Trade Deadline Moves That Best Suit The Patriots Receiving Core

The NFL trade deadline is Nov 3rd. With that, the New England Patriots are one trade away from being an elite team in the league. Most likely, if they were to make any moves, it would be at the receiver position.  There’s no secret that the Patriots have a good defense with one of the […]

Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots Matchup Review

Week 5 for the Patriots against the Denver Broncos will not go down this week. The game is postponed until reportedly week 6. In what was originally supposed to be Sunday, then Monday, thanks to COVID-19 again, the Patriots will lose another star.  Stephon Gilmore tested positive for COVID and will not be present for […]

Patriots Have A Tough Task Against The Kansas City Chiefs

The Patriots are very entertaining to watch so far. Quarterback Cam Newton has taken a leadership approach in his first year with the team. The two Patriots wins so far this season have been good ones. Also, it’s cool to see how this offense comes together with Newton. The running game was solid in Sunday’s […]