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Marcus Smart: Celtics Culture Personified

On more than one occasion Marcus Smart has been referred to the heart and soul of the Boston Celtics. From his pregame warm-ups to post game interviews, there’s never a moment he isn’t exuding Celtics culture. Kendrick Perkins recently noted, “Marcus Smart’s heart, tenacity and pride is Celtics to the core. From Brad, to Russell, […]

Jaylen Brown: Most Underrated Player of the Season

It was a widespread sentiment across the NBA that Jaylen Brown suffered an All-Star snub this year. Celtics fans especially felt it deep in their guts. Recently I put a poll out on Twitter , asking Celtics Nations to let me know how they felt about JB. The choices were Overrated, Underrated, or The Unsung […]

Can the Celtics Overcome the Injury Bug?

Now that the trade deadline has come and gone and Danny Ainge has kept things as they are, the biggest question the Celtics face now is, “Can the Celtics overcome the injury bug?” Fortunately, the past few weeks Boston has found ways to get the win despite the various absences of Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, […]