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Who We Are

A view from a new generation in Boston sports media that care about their teams. We believe in our Boston Celtics. Our Celtics have a rich history in sports, unlike almost any franchise in the NBA. On June 6, 1946 the Celtics were born and officially becoming a part of the National Basketball Association in 1949. No one knew then, but this team was destined to be special.

The Pride of Boston

After struggling for a few years, Red Auerbach was hired as head coach and the rest was history.  Under Red’s leadership, The Celtics began its boasting of 17 championships. Title one came in 1957,  followed by wins in 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69. A short break between titles, but resumed again in 74, 76, 81, 84, 86. After 1986, there was quite a long drought, causing the Boston Celtics to rebuild their team. As a result, The Big Three, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnet became a part of Celtics history. Bringing the title back to Boston in 2008, they have cemented their names in the hearts of fans in Beantown.

Boston was the first team in the NBA to draft an African American player, Chuck Cooper, in 1950. This gives the city of Boston a sense of pride like no other. Having legends such as Bob Cousy, Bill Russell and Larry Bird sets this organization apart from all it’s competitors. Thus giving its media something to talk about for generations to come.

The New Era

As names on the jerseys have changed throughout the years, the heart of the team is the same as it always was. Knowing the rich history of this organization, it’s modern day players take pride as they step out onto the court. They feed of the energy of teammates that came before them, fully expecting to be the next dynasty to hang the banners of victory for years to come.

The Voices of The Celtics

Tommy Heinsohn is known as the most biased announcer in the entire NBA, and our writers have taken their cue from him. They make no apologies or excuses for our love of this team. Creating captivating, truthful and positive articles is our number one goal. One day, the moments we capture will be part of Celtics history, and Believe in Boston Sports are honored to be the historians of this amazing team.

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