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Red Sox Sky Is Falling

It’s all burning down before the season starts. We were told that Chris Sale was going to ramp up rather than throttle back thanks to lessons learned from last year’s slow start. We were told that Alex Verdugo was healthy by his brother on Twitter. We were told he had an oblique injury originally last […]


Finally complete, the second baseman of the future is coming to the Red Sox from the Dodgers, along with the replacement right fielder, and Chaim Bloom got big brother Andrew Friedman to give up a Top 5 prospect from his system. Jeter Downs Jeter Downs is another high school draftee, like Verdugo, from the Dodgers […]

Chaim Bloom Playing Chicken Like Dom Torreto

Chaim Bloom knows this. He’s cool, he’s calm, and he’s staring down Friedman. Friedman has shown his hand, he doesn’t want to give up a single prospect. He wants to been seen as the master, and Bloom the student. He’s got deals with the Red Sox, the Twins, and the Angels. Bloom just has one deal to think to about. That’s why, apologizes to David Price, Bloom holds the trump card.

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