Author: Thomas Howland

MLB Players “Relish” The Chance For A Grievance – Deal Not Done

There are reports that MLB players relish the chance for a grievance. This deal is not done. The following is exactly what the players gave up by voting 33-5 against the latest proposal from MLB: Salary Relief The owners were offering $33 Million in salary relief for the lowest paid players. What does that mean […]

We Need To Listen: Torri Hunter, Adam Jones, Jackie Bradley Jr Racism At Fenway

It is enough yet? For those of you who don’t know @SimplyAJ10 is Adam Jones on Twitter. I am among those who have been to Fenway hundreds of times and never heard anything like this. I railed, along with many others, when Adam Jones said of an experience at Fenway on May 1, 2017: “A […]

Pedro To MLB/MLBPA: “Start thinking about the fans.”

Pedro has brought joy to Red Sox fans since the day he arrived in Boston. He’s always been about entertainment, even when he wasn’t on the mound. Anyone who has seen him interact in and around the fans knows he understands how much the fans mean to the game. His performance in the 1998 playoffs, […]

Set Your DVRs Patriots Fans – America’s Game Binge

You can choose to be sad and depressed about Tom Brady leaving. Heck, combined with Covid-19 it’s the mother of all downers. But hope it peeking ever so slightly around the corner, with Phase 1 happening in Massachusetts currently, in earnest starting tomorrow. With that in mind, how about celebrating the Brady lead Patriots Super […]

Red Sox Get Slap On The Wrist, Far Less Than Astros In Act & Penalty

We now go to the immortal Jeff Passan, who has the barebones, and unfortunately has to mention that ambulance chaser Drellich: Also of note, Alex Cora is only suspended through 2020 playoffs due to his work with the Houston Astros. It goes without saying that Cora should 100% be back with the Red Sox in […]