Author: Steve Atkinson

Cam Newton: Is His Job On The Line For The Patriots?

When the season started it seemed positive for Cam Newton and the Pats. However, since the Raiders game, he’s been off. It’s now even worse after he came back from his COVID-19 diagnosis. He was benched last week in the second half for Jarrett Stidham. It doesn’t help his best player is James White, but […]

The Patriots Aren’t The Same Without Quarterback Tom Brady

The Patriots are a dreadful team right now. They are so bad that because they don’t have quarterback Tom Brady, they are getting exposed. Brady would be there to bail them out. But now, they don’t have a Brady type of player and it’s showing. The quarterback play is putrid, they have zero receivers, tight […]

Jimmy Garoppolo Makes His Return To Foxborough

Jimmy Garoppolo makes his return to Foxborough as a San Francisco 49er. Garoppolo was drafted by Bill Belichick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He was supposed to take over after Brady but didn’t. Instead, he was traded for a second-round pick in 2017, and the Patriots would win a Super Bowl in 2018. Jimmy Garoppolo […]