Author: Liz Rizzo

Catching Up With The Boston Bruins-Trade Rumours Edition

With an aging core and lack of scoring being the focus with the Boston Bruins, trade talks have picked up steam on social media. And that nagging Torey Krug will he or won’t he stay saga? Still an issue. In case you didn’t know, with the COVID-19 affecting the trade deadline date, the Krug talks […]

Game Two Preview: Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

In what would be a little over 24 hours after winning in double overtime, the Boston Bruins will once again square off against the Carolina Hurricanes. Boston’s Patrice Bergeron would nail the game-winning snipe for a goal, however, the spotlight would also shine on fellow veteran David Krejci. GAME ONE BREAKDOWN The lackluster gameplay during […]

Post-Scrimmage Report: Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Tonight’s scrimmage was just that. A scrimmage. And yes, this game doesn’t count, however, it should provide the coaching staff with exactly what needs to tighten up before the start of the round-robin on Sunday. Mistakes in the Bruins’ offensive and defensive play could cost them in the long run. Sadly, the Boston Bruins could […]

This Day In Bruins History 5/10/1970: “The Goal”

The last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in the old Boston Garden was 1941. 29 years later history would repeat itself. With its cramped dressing rooms, painted cinderblock walls, and perhaps the smallest ice surface, players had to play aggressive and the Bruins played aggressively. Boston, at its core, is a hockey city, […]