Author: Kevin Perrington-Turner

Reasons Why Newton May Still Be Patriots Quarterback Next Season

The reasons why New England might stay with Cam newton could be a range of reasons. After an unusual season of being under .500, the Patriots will be making changes. However, that doesn’t mean that the changes will be at quarterback. Here might be some reasons  Cam Newton might resign with the Patriots and be […]

Payton Pritchard Proves Celtics Made The Right Pick

The 26th pick Payton Pritchard has shown that he is NBA ready at the beginning of this season. And now is a better time than ever.  The former shooter out of Oregon has stepped up big from the jump of the season. Right out the gate the rookie received playing time during valuable moments. During […]

Celtics Debate: Is Jaylen Brown Now The Best Player On The Celtics?

A Celtics debate has risen recently after a great start to the season by Celtics forward Jaylen Brown. Who is the best player on the Celtics? Hot Start In 6 games, Jaylen Brown is showing big improvements to his game. After being snubbed last year of an all-star spot, he’s back playing with a purpose. […]

Holiday Season: 4 Things On Boston Fans Wishlist

Christmas may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the holiday season is over. Sports are in full effect during these cold months. Here’s what’s on the wishlist for Boston fans:  Offensive Weapons For Patriots This Holiday season The Patriots offense has been decimal to say the least. Cam Newton has thrown only 5 touchdowns for […]


2021 MVP Candidate And How Jayson Tatum Can Be That This Season

In 2021, the MVP award is among the most respected and glorified accomplishments a player can get. As for Jayson Tatum, this upcoming season may his for the taking. Here are some reasons why this upcoming year might be his time. No Hayward Means More touches The 22-year-old from St. Louis has grown every year […]

Eastern Conference Threats That Stand Between Celtics And Finals

The eastern conference dynamic has changed drastically since the end of last season. Superstars have been added, coaches changed, and a whole lot of offseason moves occurred. As for the Celtics, they have a few threats standing in between them and the Finals. Are all the teams beatable in the conference? Absolutely. But here’s the […]


NBA Preseason Starting And What To Keep An Eye Out For In Boston

The NBA preseason for the Celtics is set to begin 12/15 against the Doc Rivers led 76ers, but there are a few dynamics that will be interesting.  The NBA came up with a way to still fit in some games before the actual regular season begins. Although, the timing of these games is pretty close […]

December Football Is The Time To Shine For A Belichick Led Team

December football is here and ready to take place around the holidays. As for fans, it’s typically a way to watch sports while at home with family. But for the NFL, December is when the marquee games take place. With the playoffs only a few weeks away, some teams are already out of the picture. […]

2020-21 NBA Season Starts Dec 22nd: What To Look Out For

According to the 2020-21 season is set to begin on December 22nd. With it being a couple days before Christmas, fans will be able to fully enjoy the holiday with sports. However, as for the athletes, the quick turnaround season may cause some issues.  Training camp will start Tuesday. The preseason will be next […]