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MLB Players “Relish” The Chance For A Grievance – Deal Not Done

There are reports that MLB players relish the chance for a grievance. This deal is not done. The following is exactly what the players gave up by voting 33-5 against the latest proposal from MLB: Salary Relief The owners were offering $33 Million in salary relief for the lowest paid players. What does that mean […]

We Need To Listen: Torri Hunter, Adam Jones, Jackie Bradley Jr Racism At Fenway

It is enough yet? For those of you who don’t know @SimplyAJ10 is Adam Jones on Twitter. I am among those who have been to Fenway hundreds of times and never heard anything like this. I railed, along with many others, when Adam Jones said of an experience at Fenway on May 1, 2017: “A […]

David Pastrnak Co Shares Scoring Title And last Bruin to score 40 goals

Co Rocket Richard Trophy Winners The NHL was handing out awards earlier this week to its award winners. Bruins Left Winger David Pastrnak was tied with the NHL goal scoring lead with Washington Capitals Left Winger Alex Ovechkin. David had a great season with 48 goals, and also adding 47 assists on the season with […]

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