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DJ Lemahieu would be a Perfect Fit for the Red Sox

DJ Lemahieu is the perfect player to fill the Red Sox’s 2nd base hole. Lemahieu recently became a free agent, and the Red Sox could potentially be involved. Ever since Dustin Pedroia went down to injury around 2017, the Red Sox have had a rotating cast of players at second base. Eduardo Nuñez, Brock Holt, […]

Damien Harris is the Patriots’ Running Back of the Future

If you’ve been watching the Patriots the past few weeks, you’ve definitely noticed Damien Harris. Harris’ presence has been much appreciated in Sony Michel’s absence. As I am writing this, the Patriots have just defeated the Ravens 23-17. After a Bills loss at the hands of Arizona, this looks like a very important win. The […]

Alex Cora is Now Officially Back as Red Sox Manager

The Red Sox have officially got their guy. Alex Cora has made his return to the team following his year suspension for the Astros Cheating Scandal. If you don’t like this move, you’re not rooting for the Sox to succeed. Alex Cora’s Impact on Players Cora is the perfect manager to help elevate the Red […]

Jackie Bradley Jr. Needs to be Re-Signed by the Red Sox

One of the more scrutinized Red Sox players over the past few years has been Jackie Bradley Jr. Despite this, the Red Sox are making the wrong decision if they let him walk. Jackie Bradley Jr.’s Defense Bradley Jr. has been, arguably the best Defensive Center Fielder in baseball over the past 4-5 years. Some […]

Is Cam Newton and the Patriots’ 2020 Season Over?

The Patriots 2020 season might just be over. After a heart-wrenching loss where the Patriots fell just short of a game-winning drive (again), it’s time to evaluate their realistic playoff chances. The Patriots now sit at 2-5, and at 3rd place in the AFC East. It is highly unlikely they win their division or make […]

The Best Potential Red Sox Offseason Acquisitions

Following the trade of superstar outfielder Mookie Betts and a painful 2020 season, the Red Sox are in need of an impressive offseason to revive their competitiveness. Managerial Search Another big story of the Red Sox offseason is their managerial search. For this, I think there is one obvious answer to who should fill this […]

Michael Onwenu: The Patriots Outstanding Rookie Standout

Observing the Patriots 2020 Rookie Class, I think it’s right to describe them as a mixed bag. If you had told me the Patriots’ most productive rookie would be sixth-round Michigan O-Lineman Michael Onwenu, I’d have called you crazy. I, for one, did not think Onwenu would end up as a starter. Nevertheless, Onwenu has […]