Author: Angela Searles

A Much Needed Win

It’s no secret the Celtics have been struggling as of late to hold onto the lead and control of their last several games. It seems the loss to Houston created a downward spiral, with every post game interviews echoing themselves. “We’ve got to play better, play harder,” was the rhetoric coming from both coaches and […]

Hearts In The Rafters: Immortalizing Celtic’s Greats

With the recent news of the retirement of Keven Garnett’s number a lot of murmuring has taken place on whether or not Ray Allen deserves the same honor. Before getting too deep into that question, it’s important to look at those who have gone before and why their numbers are synonymous with the Boston Celtics. […]

Marcus Smart: Celtics Culture Personified

On more than one occasion Marcus Smart has been referred to the heart and soul of the Boston Celtics. From his pregame warm-ups to post game interviews, there’s never a moment he isn’t exuding Celtics culture. Kendrick Perkins recently noted, “Marcus Smart’s heart, tenacity and pride is Celtics to the core. From Brad, to Russell, […]