Bill Belichick Won’t Comment About Tom Brady

Bill Belichick Won’t Comment About Tom Brady

Bill Belichick hasn’t been asked by the media about his former player winning his seventh Super Bowl. That is until yesterday. Finally, Christopher Gasper of Channel 5 asked Bill if he’s spoken to Tom Brady after he won the Super Bowl. His response “I’ll keep those conversations privately between myself and the other people that are involved,” Belichick said. “I appreciate the question.” In other words, he didn’t and won’t admit he’s kicking himself letting the greatest to ever play quarterback walk out the door. Brady was here for two decades and won 6 championships. The least he could do was say he reached out and congratulated him.

Do we all forget he talked about texting Garoppolo regularly after he went to the 49ers? Before Super Bowl LV Garoppolo shared that he gets texts from Belichick. “Just congratulations, things like that. Keep the thing going,” Garoppolo said. “Coach (Belichick and I), we had a great relationship. Great guy. Very honest. Very straight forward. I always appreciated him for that.” But the quarterback that won multiple titles there’s nothing.

Tom Brady Is The Patriot Way

Tom Brady won the Super Bowl and Belichick won't say if he called him
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The answer is simple, Belichick will never admit he was wrong about letting Brady walk. He thinks it was him and the system he built in New England. Bill thinks he’s the reason Tampa won the Super Bowl. Without Brady coming from a winning atmosphere in New England that wouldn’t have happened. There’s just one problem though. New England doesn’t have a quarterback that will win them a Super Bowl anymore. Belichick’s ego is so big that even if Brady went on to win another Super Bowl, he still won’t admit he was wrong.

As of right now Tom Brady is the system. He is in charge and Belichick hated he became bigger than the team. Thank God Chris Gasper asked the question. It shows Belichick’s true colors and what we’ve been saying along. Belichick was wrong, Brady should still be here, and they would have seven championships themselves. Instead, Brady goes to Tampa wins the Super Bowl and the Patriots went 7-9 with Cam Newton.

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