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Welcome To The Bruins Jesper Frödén

The Bruins and GM Don Sweeney have made their first move of the offseason. The team has signed former SHL Rookie of the Year Jesper Frödén to a one-year deal worth $842,500. At this point, you might be asking yourself who? This article is about who is Jesper and where he fits in the Bruins 2021-22 season plans.

Who is Jesper Frödén?

Jesper Frödén is a Swedish right-wing, right-wing who will turn 27 just before the next season. He went undrafted and has since made a name for himself in the European pro leagues. Frödén had spent most of his career in the HockeyAllsvenskan league where in 289 games he scored 172 points. If the name of that league sounds oddly familiar it’s the same league Pastrnak was drafted from. In fact, Frödén, Pasta, and William Nylander all played on the same team back in the 2013-14 season before Pasta was drafted. Fröden finished the season with 9 goals to Pastrnak’s 8 and in five fewer games.

Jesper Frödén named 2019-20 SHL Rookie of the Year.
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The last two seasons saw Jesper move to the SHL. In his first season, he beat out Alexander Holtz for the 2019-20 SHL rookie of the year. This season he finished 10th in league scoring with 40 points in 52 games. Frödén also finished tied for third in the league with 22 goals. This season saw another former Bruin as his teammate after Par Lindholm left the NHL to play closer to home in the SHL. Here is a clip from when he won SHL rookie of the year with some 19-20 highlights.

Where Frödén Fits

Frödén is coming over to win an NHL roster spot make no mistake about it. He will be 27 when next season starts, he is not coming here to play in the AHL. If he was a younger player still in his early 20s a year or two in the AHL wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Remember Carl Soderberg? He similarly came to the Bruins at 27 and made the jump right to the NHL.

The Bruins bottom-six needs an overhaul and that is where Frödén comes in. The 4th line was in desperate need of some scoring punch this season. 22 goals in a shortened SHL season shows Jesper could provide that offensive spark. This likely means the end of Chris Wagner as an every game player and maybe even as a Bruin. While a cap hit of 1.35 million might not kill a team’s books the Bruins need all the space they can find to improve this team. Where do you think Frödén fits? Does he make the Bruins out of camp maybe even in a third-line role? Until next time stay safe out there and LET’S GO BRUINS!

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