Michael Felger From 98.5 The Sports Hub Gives His Takes On The Patriots Upcoming Season

Michael Felger From 98.5 The Sports Hub Gives His Takes On The Patriots Upcoming Season

Not only is Tony Massarotti talking to Believe in Boston Sports so is Mike Felger. It was a busy offseason for the Patriots so why not ask the most highly rated sports show (Felger and Massarotti) in the Country their thoughts? Felger gives his takes below and we seem to all agree the Patriots have a failed season if they don’t make a playoff run. The questions are in bold.

Believe In Boston Sports Talks To Mike Felger From 98.5 The Sports Hub About The Patriots

  1. With the Patriots bringing back Brian Hoyer, do you think Stidham is on the team to start the season? My prediction is that Stidham is gone, maybe even before training camp. Most of the reporting from the May 27 OTA was that he was an afterthought. Hoyer is the backup, and he will mentor Jones. But what do I know?

2. If Mac Jones beats out Cam Newton in camp do you think he starts to begin the season? I don’t think Belichick will want to start Mac Jones in the Brady game in Week 4, so my guess is that no matter how good Jones looks in camp or how badly he outplays Newton, he’s not going to see the field in the first month of the season. I think even if Newton gets hurt early, it will be Hoyer’s job. 

3. Belichick has a huge ego. Do you think he’ll ever admit he made a mistake at the quarterback position by not having a plan sooner to draft someone to be the successor to Tom Brady? Belichick is not good at publicly admitting mistakes of any kind – never mind one as big as how the organization blew the transition from Brady. He will NEVER admit he screwed that up. He’s more likely to blame Kraft for making him trade Garappolo.

4. The Patriots should make the playoffs with this roster. Is it a failed season if they miss the playoffs considering how much money they spent in free agency? think it’s a failed season if they don’t make it to the divisional round, even with Newton at QB.

5. What do you think the Patriots record will be? 12-5.

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