Mac Jones Looked Great In Rookie Minicamp This Past Weekend

Mac Jones Looked Great In Rookie Minicamp This Past Weekend

Rookie minicamp was held this past weekend. It wasn’t open to the media, but pictures from gave us a glimpse at the new Patriots quarterback. Mac Jones comes into this season looking to take everything in and learn. Reports say coaches and teammates have been “blown away” at his leadership, knowledge, accuracy, film study, and decision making. It’s early but that is a good sign from the 15th overall pick in this year’s draft. Now, the question is how will he look in minicamp and training camp? Could he beat out Jarrett Stidham for the backup job? The coaches seem to think so.

Mac Jones Had A Great First Impression

Mac Jones has left a great first impression on the coaches
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When Jones was drafted he said all the right things. When he was asked if he’d studied the Patriots the last few years this was his response.

” Yes, I watched a ton of their stuff with Cam and even with Tom Brady when he was there and I just love what Josh McDaniels does. He does great job. He’s very creative. And just to watch good football plays on tape is what you want to look at and good quarterback play. So, I always try to find games from the Patriots in the past and looked at them through the draft process just because it’s a great football team and to be a part of it now is awesome and I’m looking forward to just learning from those other guys.”


Now, we did hear the same last year from other Patriots beat reporters about Stidham that he was the next best thing. However, that turned out to be wrong. With Jones, he’s a first-round pick with a lot of upsides. Early on he doesn’t seem to be a cheerleader like Stidham was. He wants to learn as much as he can and grow to be a good quarterback in the league. If Jones continues to have a good offseason and camp he could be the number three quarterback going into the season.

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