Brad Stevens Is Here To Stay For Years To Come With Celtics

Brad Stevens has been in Boston for 7 seasons. And while this may have been the most disappointing of all of them some fans may question his position. But the fact of the matter is, he’s here to stay.

Brad Stevens Played Minimal Part In The Issues

The Jump, First Take, and other sports are critical of Brad Stevens and his coaching this year. People such as Kendrick Perkins and Stephen A Smith point out that players appear ‘bored’ and ‘unenthused’ on the floor. They and the fans point at the coaching. The reality is that the players played a big part in this season leaving people unsatisfied. Kemba Walker was out for half the season, Jaylen Brown is out with a wrist injury, and the moves midseason didn’t help. Marcus Smart is still fighting injuries. They still have yet to find their identity and it’s hurt them on the court.

Let’s Not Forget the Good Steven Has Done

Brad Stevens has done a lot of good for Boston.
The Ringer

Stevens was given less talent at his disposal than in previous years. When he went to the conference finals he had players such as Terry Rozier, Isiah Thomas, Al Horford, and more. Now he has two stars in Tatum and Brown but a lackluster supporting group. Tristan Thomson is slow, Evan Fournier is off and on, and the rest are just simply not ready.

He brought his team to the conference finals for four consecutive years and only missed the playoffs once. Even when losing guys such as Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford, and more he still brought the team together. When the talent wasn’t there the heart was. Stevens made his team tough mentally and good defenders. 

He Fits The Celtics Way

Two months ago, Stevens turned down a seven-year $70m offer from the Indiana Hoosiers according to ESPN. The deal would have made him the highest-paid coach in college basketball eclipsing John Calipari. Instead, Stevens is taking considerably less money to compete at the highest level. And that attitude is exactly what Danny Ainge loves about him. When looking at past coaches such as Doc Rivers, Rick Patino, Bill Russell, and more he fits the description of a guy wanting to win. Emphasizing the importance of defense and knowing your role. 

The Celtics season up to this point may be considered a flop from last year. However, if they go for another unexpected playoff run this year Brad Stevens deserves his credit. The man has made sure his team is playoff ready and consistent in key moments. And now that the team belongs to Tatum and Brown perhaps the front office will do a better job at surrounding them with help. If not, that still shouldn’t discredit anything Stevens has done for the organization. He’s here to stay. 

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