Largest Threats For Celtics If In Play-In Tournament

Largest Threats For Celtics If In Play-In Tournament

The largest threats in the eastern conference may be the ones we least expect. As for the Celtics, they may have to worry more about the teams in the play-in tournament first. 

As the regular season comes to an end the Celtics sit at the 7th seed in the east. With a 35-33 record, NBA fans did not expect the season Boston is having. Nonetheless, they still are in a position to carry themselves in the postseason. But even with them most likely playing in the play-in tournament, it may not be a cakewalk.

Largest Threats Of Talent Within The Charlotte Hornets

Largest threats may lay in the Charlotte Hornets for play-in
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The Charlotte Hornets have made an impact this season grabbing headlines. They’ve become the most exciting team to watch right now. Whether it’s from the rookie LaMelo Ball making insane passes or the commentators going bonkers over an alley-oop slam. Charlotte has fought hard and found themselves in the mix to be in the playoffs. And if not careful, Celtics may find some trouble with them.

Remember Gordon Hayward? The forward who was an all-star in Utah came to Boston and was hurt a lot. Well, he’s back and rejuvenated with a good core of young guys. Now Boston has the former Hornet all-star Kemba Walker. If this matchup did occur, it’ll be interesting watching these two teams collide. 

Washington Wizards Are Rising

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Remember in the beginning of the season when they started 3-12? Well, the Wizards have kicked it to another gear. Now rising in the eastern conference thanks to the surge of their two stars. Bradley Beal, who was once rumored to be on the move, is on pace to win a scoring title (battling with Steph Curry). The man is averaging 31 a night being 2nd in the league in scoring. Russell Westbrook is continuing to rack up triple-doubles and proving doubters wrong. 

The depth of this team is their crutch, but if somehow they can get past that, they can make some noise. However, nobody and their mother expect them to go far, but with Westbrook, you can always expect a fight. The largest threats may be in other east teams but give Washington their flowers. 

Miami Heat Is Still A Possibility

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Although after a recent crushing loss to the Miami Heat, they can still find themselves in the play-in tournament. It’s unlikely that will happen as their players are getting healthy and finding a groove. But if the Celtics were to run into the Heat, they’ll have problems. Not much has changed since the eastern conference finals lost they suffered to them last year. But with being behind two games, don’t count the possibility out just yet. 

Although most teams in the east are close the largest threats in the east as a whole are at the top spot. And if the Celtics survive the play-in tournament they may find themselves in a tough spot no matter what. 

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