8th Seed Doesn’t Need A Play-In Tournament For The Long Term

8th Seed Doesn’t Need A Play-In Tournament For The Long Term

The 8th seed has been in a lot of talks as the regular season wraps up. And as some teams fall and rise through their conference, one player, in particular, isn’t fond of it. 

LeBron James himself made a comment disapproving of the play-in tournament: “whoever came up with that needs to be fired.” It’s worth noting due to injuries the Lakers have fallen just one spot out of the play-in tournament contention. And while King James may be salty to some, he may have a point. 

Play-In Tournament Makes The Regular Season Pointless

If this play-in tournament is here to stay it may have a negative impact on the regular season. Think about it, what’s the point in playing hard all season when you still may end up in the postseason as a .500 team? If that’s the case then superstars will be sitting out more games as load management will increase. Fans will grow tired of coming to see games in the first leg of the season. 

Just like now, the last 10 games of the season will be the only thing to look forward to. Other times during the season there will be a lack of competitiveness. It’s understandable for it to be in place right now due to the circumstances, but as for future seasons, it’s a no. 

8th Seed Don’t Win The Championship Anyway

8th seed never has won a championship
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Name the last 8th seed to win a championship… I’ll wait. Exactly, it doesn’t happen. So why have teams played more games that don’t go into an actual series? There’s no point. The Lakers ended up crushing through the TrailBlazers after they played well in the play-in tournament. Especially in a season like this, all teams need more of a break. 

This season has left a lot of big-time players on the sideline. And when thinking of the quick turnaround from last season, rest is key. It’s not fair for the reigning champion Lakers to be in a play-in tournament after playing to the finals last season. 

We’re Already Getting Lackluster Basketball

Similar to the points above, the NBA regular season hasn’t had the same affect. Of course, the lack of fans in the building plays a role. However, with so many injuries to stars (LeBron, AD, Jamal Murray, Kevin Durant, James Harden, etc…) it’s made the regular season less than stellar. The NBA needs to make every game count. The play-in tournament will just add to more useless games. Each game needs to count which means they should go straight into the playoffs. 

The energy of these players is already depleting. Guys are away from their families more than they’d like. King James made a valid point for the foreseeable future not to make changes to the postseason. The league is already shifted in power. So adding more average teams to the postseason will just dilute the product. It’s a good idea this and last year but not in the future. 

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