The Search For Quarterback Isn’t Over Just Yet For Patriots

The Search For Quarterback Isn’t Over Just Yet For Patriots

The search for a quarterback isn’t just yet over in New England despite Cam Newton staying another year. While there’s no telling just what Bill Belichick will decide, there a quite a few possibilities. 

The Search For Quarterback May Be In The Draft

As of late, one thing that’s been taking the Patriots headlines is the NFL draft that will be held this Thursday. Currently, the Patriots hold the 15th pick in the draft and can decide to pick a young guy to develop or start. It’s their highest pick in 13 years, and they’re liable to even trade up to go higher. 

Mac Jones may be the top prospect coming out of Alabama. He led his team to a Rose Bowl title and undefeated season this past year. He threw for 41 touchdowns with 4 interceptions. Jones completed 77% of his passes and broke the NCAA record for a season. Being a pocket passer, he’s a perfect fit for a guy like Josh McDaniels.

Jarret Stidham May Get A Second Chance

This is more of a eye roll but a possibility that may be possible. Jarrett Stidham was on the sideline except for 5 games last season. And even when Newton was out due to COVID, Belichick decided to bring the veteran Brian Hoyer in instead. To New England fans, that was a sure tell the former Auburn quarterback wasn’t ready. Depending on how much he’s developing, the Patriots may see Stidham compete for a starting job. But since Newton stayed and draft talks of a quarterback are in play, it’s highly doubtful. Nonetheless, it’s worth exploring the idea.

A Jimmy G Return To New England Is Possible 

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Talks have been circulating in San Fransisco of them drafting a quarterback early in the first round. With that, it leaves even more questions concerning former Patriot back up Jimmy Garroppolo’s future there. Well ever since that Super Bowl loss not too long ago he’s been dealing with injuries which have hindered his play. The time may be near for him and the team to split ways. And what better place for him to go than back to a coach that wanted him?

It’s no secret Belichick didn’t want to get rid of Jimmy G over Tom Brady. Now that he doesn’t have either and with the search for a quarterback, it’s very plausible for it to happen. Last year he only played 6 games missing the playoffs. Jimmy G needs a change of winning culture. 

The Search For Quarterback May Be All In Our Heads

The search for quarterback may be nonexistent with Cam Newton already there.
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What is also possible is that Newton may remain the starting quarterback. Last season was filled with unfortunate events out of anyone’s control. Newton had to recover from getting COVID midseason along with players opting to not play entirely. Julian Edelman was out for most of the season and had very few weapons to work with. Perhaps Newton is receiving a second shot by using their draft picks for help around him. If so, then the search for quarterback may be nonexistent, but we’ll see. 

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