David Pastrnak talks a myriad of topics on “Spittin’ Chiclets”

David Pastrnak talks a myriad of topics on “Spittin’ Chiclets”

David Pastrnak, the Bruins super-star winger sporting 41 points this season, appeared on the wildly popular Spitttin’ Chiclets podcast this past week. Number 88 had been on the Barstool Sports product before. The show also interviewed him during the 2019 NHL All-Star game festivities.

Pastrnak touched on many topics and players in the conversation with the hosts, and former NHLers, Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette. One of the first aspects he described was competing against his former captain, Zdeno Chara.

Pastrnak going against Chara

Pastrnak said he “got chills” playing against Chara at TD Garden with fans in attendance.

“We all miss Z and we all know how good a pro he was and leader,” Pastrnak said. “It’s awesome, but at the same time, it’s crazy to play against him. Like, I’m so scared to talk to him on the ice, because I know he is so in the game. We speak the same language, but I am just so quiet setting up next to him on the face-off. So, I just let him focus. It was weird.”

Pastrnak agrees; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Throughout his career, Pastrnak has made a habit out of breaking his career-high in points. From 2016-2020, he improved his point total every year. But despite his consistent increases in production, Pastrnak has not made many changes to his off-season work-out regiment.

“At the end of the off-season I had surgery, but before this year I have not changed anything since I’ve gotten to the NHL,” Pastrnak admitted. “I’ve had the same strength coach. I had everything the same. It’s been working for me. I was elevating my game every year. So, I haven’t changed much before the last year.”

With the COVID-19 Pandemic and the rehab he needed to do after his hip surgery, this past off-season was unique. Pasternak mentioned that the summer, as was the case for people all over the world, was a struggle.

As someone blessed with an electric personality, Pastrnak is not supposed to be cooped up inside. Not to mention, he was unable to participate in other sports for conditioning, such as soccer and tennis.

The reality of the Perfection Line

The next topic was Bruins’ captain, Patrice Bergeron.

“You just got to be in that locker room to hear him, man,” Pastrnak said. “As soon as he opens his mouth, everything sounds perfect. (English) is not even his first language.”

Pastrnak then described how Bergeron keeps him and Marchand in-line.

“The funny thing is, me and Marchy, we bark at each other a lot during games in kind of a funny way. We love each other off the ice,” Pastrnak said. “But on the ice, we sometimes bark at each other. Then Bergy’s just sitting in the middle of us.”

Pastrnak recounted one specific time when Bergeron had enough of 88 and 63 bickering.

“I remember, me and Marchy were just going at it for a good 30 seconds back and forth,” Pastrnak said. “And then Bergy just goes, ‘Enough!’ And absolutely silent. Silent. No other word was spoken until the next shift.”

Pastrnak marvels at how good Marchand is handling and protecting the puck.

“You guys ruined it, and I had to go answer the questions”

During the 2021 outdoor game against the Flyers, Pastrnak made headlines by telling the media they interrupted his dance party by making him do this interview. His voice jumped when talking about being in charge of the music.

“Dude, I was the DJ!” Pastrnak said. “I was the DJ. Last time I was DJ was when Torey Krug was sick and we played in Washington after they won their cup first game of the season, and we lost 7-0. So I’ve never got to be DJ again. And that was my second chance. So I put the 80’s on before the game and guys were bumping up, loving it. Then I came back after the game and they were like, ‘Put the Barbie Girl song on.’ So, I just put it on, and, immediately, I started feeling it. It was fun.”

Pastrnak admitted he was bummed he had to go talk to the media.

The interview went just under 40 minutes. Pastrnak becomes yet another Bruin to join Spittin’ Chiclets multiple times. Charlie McAvoy and Torey Krug, when he was in Boston, both gave the show at least 2 appearances. It seems likely Bruins will continue to frequent the podcast.

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