Right On Time For The Celtics To Get It Together Before Playoffs

Right On Time For The Celtics To Get It Together Before Playoffs

It’s right on time for the Boston Celtics as they climb to a 6 game winning streak. And as they climb up the eastern conference, it’s perfect timing weeks before the playoffs

It was a tough first half of the season for the Celtics. Kemba Walker was hurt, they had no true inside scoring, injuries and COVID also plays a big part. As a result, the Celtics at one point found themselves competing just to be in the play-in seeding. However, after some time for guys to get it together, they’re back from where they were last year. 

Right On Time For Veterans To Get In Rhythm

Right on time for Jaylen Brown to turn it up a notch.

Just like the earlier point, the veterans on the team struggled to stay on the court. Walker was facing knee and other leg injuries. Thankfully he’s been back to his usual self in this winning streak. Walker is back to shake and baking defenders looking like a Harlem Globetrotter with his ball handling. His quick cuts and crossovers show he has confidence in that knee. He’s also been shotmaking which has been absolutely crucial as they needed some more shooters. 

Jayson Tatum recently told the media that he’s just now feeling he recovered from COVID. And it’s been showing on the court. Tatum has been his usual self in hitting big-time shots. Marcus Smart is back from his injury and defending the best guards on the opposing teams. And Brown has just been unreal. 

The Front Court Finally Coming Together

One issue about the Celtics roster was their frontcourt. They picked up Tristan Thompson before the season to fix some issues. The pick-up of Evan Fournier is certainly helpful. But the biggest development has been the rise of Robert Williams. Time Lord has been pushed into the starting lineup and is making an impact. Blocking shots, catching alley-oops, and just bringing brute energy on the floor. If he can develop more offensive moves then the rest of the league should be on the watch for this kid. 

Transitioning It To The Playoffs

Now the Celtics finally sit at the top half of the playoff seeding at the 4th spot. And while Brad Stevens figured out the rotation and identity of the Celtics, it’s been right on time. Other top teams are facing injuries towards the end of this season while it’s been the opposite for the C’s. With this momentum hopefully, the young players will start to adjust to the level of intensity. 

Other guys such as Payton Pritchard and Grant Williams are also showing development with their time. Veterans such as Tatum and Walker are showing trust in the young guys to make shots. Not only that, but their defending ability on the perimeter is what makes the Celtics a tough out in the playoffs. Because when the ball slows down, they have vets that can hit big shots and young guys that aren’t scared to get gritty on the glass. 

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