Julian Edelman Top 5 Career Moments In New England

Julian Edelman Top 5 Career Moments In New England

Julian Edelman announced last week that he will be retiring from football. And after spending 12 years in New England, his career was a special one. 

Being a quarterback in his college years at Kent State, he was drafted in 2009 as the 232nd pick. In his arrival to New England, he’s made a huge impact. He’s a 3x Super Bowl Champion, a Super Bowl MVP, on the New England Patriots 2010s All-Decade Team, and more. His stats in the playoffs are among the greats. Now it’s time to reminisce on his best moments.

5. Julian Edelman Doesn’t Give Up On The play – 2018

Image Via Pats Pulpit

This play goes to show how tough Julian Edelman truly was and how he never gave up on the play. Week 16 against the Buffalo Bills on a 4th and 4 Tom Brady throws the ball to him on a slant route. He’s tackled, or so we think, gets up without his knee touching the ground, and rushed to the pile on. This 32 yard TD may not have the significance of the others but it just showcases what he’s all about. 

4. Two TD’s For A 24 Point Comeback – 2013

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Remember that guy Tom Brady? Well, Edelman played a huge part as well in those comeback games. This one, in particular, Edelman snatched up two catches that gone on for touchdowns in a 24 point comeback. On Monday Night Football New England defeated the arch-rival Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 34-31. That week 12 matchup was something special, and thank goodness for Edelman.

3. Julian Edelman Goes Back To Kent State Days Against Baltimore 

Julian Edelman rewinds the clock back to Kent State.
Image Via Boston Globe

In a tough AFC playoff matchup, the Patriots were down by 2 scores multiple times. Thankfully, due to a trick play, Edelman was able to rekindle his quarterback days. In the 3rd quarter while down 7, Brady throws it behind him to Edelman. The defense collapses for a slight second as Edelman launches a spot-on throw to Danny Amendola for the touchdown. The Patriots went on to win that game and the Super Bowl. 

2. The 4th Quarter Touchdown In Super Bowl 49

Image Via SI

With just a little bit over minutes to go the Patriots are trailing the Seahawks by 3. In an attempt, a play before Edelman didn’t result in a touchdown, they go back to it. And with a whip-around route, Edelman was able to get the game-winning touchdown. This just showed just how clutch Edelman is in the playoffs. Dare I say Hall of Fame-caliber?

1. The Infamous Catch In The Infamous Comeback Super Bowl 51

Julian Edelman making one of the greatest catches ever in Super Bowl 51.

Was the catch lucky? Probably. But will it go down as one of the greatest catches in NFL Super Bowl history? Definitely. In a 28-3 deficit effort against the Atlanta Falcons, Brady is marching down the field. With a little bit over 2 minutes to go in the 4th, Brady delivers a strike that’s deflected over the midfield. As the ball is in the air, Edelman readjusts himself to deliver an unbelievable catch just half an inch off the ground. The New England Patriots ended up winning that one too. 

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