3 Game Win Streak Shows To Be A Strong Future For Celtics

3 Game Win Streak Shows To Be A Strong Future For Celtics

The 3 game win streak the Boston Celtics are currently on may be the start of something great. After a promising win against a lethal Denver Nuggets, they are pulling wins against quality teams. 

It’s no secret before these wins against the Knicks, Wolves, and Nuggets Boston struggled to say the least. Still sitting in the play-in section of the conference, the level of effort needs to step up. With injuries, COVID, and no fans, the Celtics had to adjust the most. And even without Evan Fournier, they were able to pull off the win. 

3 Game Win Streak Against Formidable Opponents 

This 3 game win streak began with a win to the New York Knicks.
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After trailing most of the game, the Celtics were able to turn up the intensity in the 4th quarter. They held the Nuggets to 8 points in the last quarter of play. Jokić had a triple-double but was held to 17 points, Michael Porter Jr was their leading scorer with 22 points, and they only shot 36% from the field. Defensively, the first 3 quarters for the Celtics was bad but it’s a good thing they locked down.

Denver sits at the 4th seed in the very competitive western conference. And a couple more nights ago the Celtics beat the Knicks who are also a playoff-caliber team this year (go figure). perhaps these are signs of the Celtics being able to compete with the tops teams in the league.

Kemba Looks Healthy 

Don’t pay too much close attention to the stats. It’s clear the shifty point guard out of UCONN isn’t in his prime anymore. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still effective on the offensive side. After injuries holding him back for the first half, he’s been looking more like himself. He’s becoming quicker to the basket and aggressive. Due to this, the Celtics have shown more ball movement than before. Whereas they don’t need to strictly rely on Tatum and Brown for points. 

The last 3 games he’s averaged 15 points. Not too crazy when comparing this to his years in Charlotte. On the season he’s averaging 17 points a night. But make no mistake, he’s also averaging 7 assists in the last 3 game win streak. If he’s able to keep it up, expect the Celtics to move up in the eastern conference. 

Role players Chipping In

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Robert Williams has come into his own since taking the starting role over Tristan Thompson. He’s been blocking shots, catching alley-oops, and just flat out playing hard. And although Marcus Smart has been starting as well, he’s been playing heavy minutes. Smart is valued on both sides of the floor knocking down shots and defending. Tristan Thompson has also accepted his role coming off the bench and is making use of his minutes.

Aside from all-stars Tatum and Brown, the entire Celtics roster has had their minutes go up and down. And it the last week, it appears that Brad Steven may have found the right formula. If that is the case, this final month of basketball will get interesting. 

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