The New England Patriots Will Not Draft A Quarterback In The First Round

The New England Patriots Will Not Draft A Quarterback In The First Round

The NFL Draft is in a few weeks, and the talk around the Patriots is, will the Patriots draft a quarterback in the first round? And will they trade up to draft one? Both answers are no. Belichick isn’t drafting one in the first round or trading up. He’ll draft one in the second round or third, He doesn’t value the position as everyone else does. He thinks he can draft a quarterback in the draft and develop him into something special. From Tom Brady in the sixth round to Jimmy Garoppolo in the second. Brady was winning the lottery nobody will ever be Brady again. He thinks he developed Brady and made him who he is today.

Belichick Doesn’t Think Highly Of The Quarterback Position

Belichick getting ready for the NFL Draft
FOXBORO MA. – NOVEMBER 27: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick speaks during media availability at Gillette Stadium on November 27, 2019 in Foxboro, MA. (Staff Photo By Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

Belichick doesn’t believe in paying a lot for a quarterback. If he did it would be admitting he was wrong with letting Brady walk out the door. So, he will keep Cam Newton and draft someone in the second or third round. That way Belichick can say he can get Newton, an average quarterback making minimal money to win. He doesn’t need to overspend at the position just build a better team around the quarterback. That is what Belichick did this offseason. He spent a lot with two tight ends, and adding receivers.

Belichick’s History At The Quarterback Position In The NFL Draft

When you look at Belichick’s history with quarterbacks it’s Brady and everyone else. Between Matt Cassel, to Brian Hoyer. Belichick thinks building a good team and having an average quarterback can win games. That’s how it used to work but not anymore. The Kansas City Chiefs were nothing until Patrick Mahomes was drafted. Now, he is the face of the AFC and a Super Bowl Champion. They were missing the quarterback to put them over the top. The Patriots had that for 20 years. However, Bill because of his ego let Brady walk out the door. Now, Belichick is trying to win like he used to. But, he’s missing the important part of the quarterback.

Michael Lombardi spoke this week on his GM The Shuffle Podcast on the Patriots and the quarterback situation.

Obviously, they have to fix the quarterback position,” Lombardi said. “Cam Newton has to play much better. Where are they with Jarrett Stidham? And can they trade up? If Mac Jones goes three, which is what we all believe to be true … where does that all fit? That means get to four. I think this is a draft that can really impact their 2022 team when they won’t have any free agent money to spend,” he said. “So, they’ve got to really look short-term and long-term here. I think they need a 3-technique; if they can get a defensive tackle in there that would be certainly something that could really help them. More speed on defense; another corner that can cover, I think that can help them tremendously.”

Finally, the bottom line is Belichick will draft a quarterback in this NFL draft no doubt. But, it won’t be at pick 15 it will be later. Who knows he could draft two just so they aren’t going into the draft year after year looking for one.

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