Robert Kraft Speaks The Truth About The Latest Draft Struggles

Robert Kraft Speaks The Truth About The Latest Draft Struggles

Robert Kraft spoke to the media earlier this week and had some insight as to why the spent so much on free agency. The Patriots are not in a rebuild. Belichick is almost 70 years old and doesn’t want it to take 5 years to build a team. They want to contend every year for a championship. They have had some bad drafts in recent years which Brady covered up because he is so good. Now, that he’s on Tampa Bay the Patriots got exposed by their poor drafts last season and in 2019.

Robert Kraft spoke to the media this week.
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Hopefully, they have a different approach this year to evaluating talent and build a good team for the future. To start they really need to draft a quarterback and draft actual good receivers that can catch the ball. N’Keal Harry is a first-round bust and the kicker they drafted last year in the fifth round just got cut. Brady isn’t here to cover up Belichick’s bad drafting anymore it’s up to Bill to fix it.

Robert Kraft Kind Of Put Belichick On The Hot Seat

I think Kraft trusts Belichick to build a good team. But also has to think about the quarterback position. Cam Newton isn’t the answer long-term and Jarrett Stidham doesn’t feel like he’s ready to lead. We’ll have to see what happens this year but it looks like Cam as the starter and then drafting someone. Kraft said how you build a team throughout the draft and not free agency. Almost like putting Belichick on notice that this better work. They now have two tight ends, got some receivers, and improved their defense.

Kraft denied Brady winning the Super Bowl had anything to do with the spending spree. That is the only thing I don’t believe. The greatest player to ever play the quarterback position walked out the door for nothing and won the Super Bowl his first year with a new team. That tells you something after the Patriots go 7-9 and miss the playoffs. It wasn’t the complete reason but it was definitely part of it.

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