Robert Williams Time Is Now To Take Full Advantage

Robert Williams Time Is Now To Take Full Advantage

It’s Robert Williams time to shine as the starting Center for the Boston Celtics. And quite frankly, many fans already saw this coming. 

The 23-year-old out of Texas A&M has dazzled many fans and coaches with his athletic ability. And thanks to the injury of Tristan Thompson, he’s been able to take full advantage. During this time coach Brad Stevens has started the big man and he hasn’t looked back since.

Robert Williams Last 5 Games

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As his minutes increased so has his production on the floor. In his last 5 games, twice he shot over 70% from the field and the other games were still high as well. Over the course of the season so far he’s averaging 7.7 points and 6.6 rebounds. Which isn’t too shabby from the kid who still hasn’t developed an offensive game yet. Pure putbacks and running the floor is typically where he gets his points from. 

Make no mistake, the Celtics need his presence on the team. He may lack the offensive arsenal of a Nikola Jokić but he makes up for it on the other side of the ball. Offensively, you can see him earning his name ‘Time Lord’ as it appears that he’s spending ample time in the air. Teammates love lobbing the ball over defenders for the alley-oop. He’s a guy who can really jump out of the gym with his leaping ability. 

Defense And Running The Floor 

Robert Williams blocking shots.
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Defensively, he’s the exact force the Celtics need. Nearly every game he catches multiple blocks off of timing and leaping alone. The last 5 games rack up to over 2 blocks a game. And when he’s not blocking shots he’s altering them. Making defenders change their positioning mid-air causing misses. And on the boards he’s reliable. His motor is exactly what’s needed whenever the Celtics get relaxed. Robert Williams is a special talent and the organization is finally noticing. 

We can’t forget during the playoff run last year it was Robert Williams during that Toronto series that gave them a spark. Off the bench, he was throwing down jams left and right creating offensive runs for his squad. At 6’8 height and a 7’6 wingspan, this man is a freak of nature. His inexperience may have hurt him at times. Nonetheless, he plays hard every possession and brings a ton of energy. 

Evan Fournier Addition Makes For Nice Front Court Balance

Now that they’ve added Evan Fournier to the roster, the Celtics frontcourt will have a nice balance. With Fournier bringing in his 19.7 points a night, William’s job of defending and running the floor will be easier. Hopefully, they will be able to gel well when Thompson comes back. It’ll be interesting to see who will be part of the rotation come the end of the season. As for now, Robert Williams deserves to be starting Center for games to come. 

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