No BIG Trade: Why Couldn’t The Celtics Pull It Off?

No BIG Trade: Why Couldn’t The Celtics Pull It Off?

Why can’t the Celtics pull in another all-star caliber player to the roster? That’s a question many Boston fans are asking after the trade deadline came and went last week. And although the Celtics indeed found a new addition to the team, it still doesn’t quite move the scale. However, here may be the reasons why it didn’t happen through trade.

No Big Trade Because No Draft Picks To Play With 

One thing about the genius mind of Danny Ainge that’s noticed is his ability to garner draft picks. And once he gets those draft pics, he uses them for trade value in the market. It became successful when he acquired KG and Ray Allen over a decade ago. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here. Ainge didn’t have any 1st round picks to trade with. The only picks he had were his own and not from other teams. And considering that the Celtics are expected to make the playoffs, those picks aren’t too valuable. 

Instead, Ainge traded off two 2nd round draft picks to get Evan Fournier. A solid big from Orlando who’s averaging just over 19 points a game. And as Fournier is a nice addition, many fans expected Aaron Gordon to make it a big trade. 

May Have Been Attacking Andre Drummond 

No big trade may be because they want Andre Drummond from free agency.
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Perhaps another reason a big trade didn’t occur is that they were looking towards free agency. And while a bunch of teams are attacking the center, the Celtics were aggressive. Perhaps the trade with Fournier was just a step into the master plan of Danny Ainge. There’s no secret the Celtics needed inside scoring to go along with the young guys. Robert Williams and Tristan Thompson are both good defenders but don’t possess the offensive talent. But after the Lakers acquiring him, it may have been a failed plan. 

Pieces May already Be Here

When looking at players who were on the trading block, Boston may not have been too appealing. For one, guys like Kyle Lowry, Rajon Rondo, and other guards would be on the bench for the C’s. The backcourt is already strong for Celtics and didn’t need any guys. As far as the frontcourt goes, they could use help. But none that were willing to be traded were either healthy or a huge upgrade. Therefore that ‘big trade’ fans have been waiting for was unlikely to happen. 

Also a reminder, the Celtics have yet to be full strength at any point of the season COVID, and injuries have hindered them and their record. Kemba Walker finally started to play like himself after an injury that sidelined him. Marcus Smart faced an injury that took him out for multiple games. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum both had their fair share of missed games. The consistency isn’t always coming from the lack of play but rather injuries. So part of the reason Ainge didn’t land a ‘big trade’ is that he’s waiting for his team to be at full strength. And if that’s the case, plus Fournier, it’ll make for an interesting 2nd half of the season

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