Jimmy Garoppolo Watch Is On

Jimmy Garoppolo Watch Is On

The Jimmy Garoppolo rumors just won’t go away. Even with the Patriots loading up and bringing back Cam Newton, the Garoppolo rumors still remain. That is their number one choice at quarterback as I’ve said before Newton was an insurance policy. The 49ers are waiting for the draft to move on from Garoppolo while the Patriots wanted a quarterback now. Things are about to get real interesting between now and the draft. After the Dolphins traded with the 49ers today the 49ers now have the third pick in the draft and will likely draft a quarterback. I wouldn’t believe that Jimmy is still their plan, if it was they wouldn’t be trading to get the number three pick.

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Did the Patriots just spend a lot of money to surround talent for Cam Newton or Jimmy Garoppolo? I mean Hunter Henry was asked if he was excited to play with Cam as the starter and said. “I am very excited.” The way he said though was telling like what else is he supposed to say. Wonder if he was told that something was in the works about the quarterback position? Jimmy is still in the picture no matter what anyone says. Belichick doesn’t want another 7-9 season which is why he loaded up in free agency. He also got some inspiration after Brady won the Super Bowl. Belichick hates losing and wants to prove he can win without Brady.

The most the Patriots will give up is a second-round pick for Jimmy. That is the rumor that is out there. I don’t see them giving up pick 15 for him. Garoppolo is probably looking to move on after the 49ers just moving up in the draft to get a younger quarterback. The Patriots could pounce to get him between now and draft day. It’ll be fun to see how all this plays out in the next month!

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