Old Gang Back Together Makes For Promising Comeback For Patriots

Old Gang Back Together Makes For Promising Comeback For Patriots

The old gang is appearing to be back together in New England as far as coaching goes. And despite not having Brady there, it may be a setup for a nice comeback season.

Matt Patricia Coming Back To Join Coaching Staff

The old gang is back with Matt Patricia coming back from Detroit.
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After 3 years of being the head coach for the Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia is coming back to New England. Patricia has been a long-time defensive coordinator for Bill Belichick which helped the Patriots win numerous Super Bowls. His 3-year stint in Detroit was acceptable considering his lack of talent there. In his 3 years as head coach, he has a record of 13-29 with a win percentage of 31%. He was fired in the middle of last season with his team struggling. Each year, he finished 4th in the NFC North but did manage to get a win over Belichick and the Patriots.

Patricia being back on the team means for a whole new level of defensive genius. With Belichick’s football genius already there, expect the level of defensive play to rise. Patricia was the same guy who made a lot of calls in the playoffs and other postseason games. And now that he has head coach experience under his belt, his repertoire has only grown.

Josh McDaniels Has Proven To Be Dynamic 

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If this previous year didn’t show the dynamic of Josh McDaniels offensive play calling then what will? Having Cam Newton as his starting quarterback, he was able to draw up plays that haven’t been seen before in recent years from New England. Option plays, more play-action rollouts, and QB draws. Of course, trick plays and other standard formations have been his bread and butter. But after having Tom Brady as his quarterback, it was interesting to see McDaniels switch it up.

Don’t forget his years as a head coach in Denver as well. Back in 2009, he coached a full season before getting fired after 12 games in 2010. However, in his first season with the Broncos, he finished 2nd in the AFC West. Unfortunately, they were unable to make the playoffs that year. Nonetheless, McDaniels also has left New England to pursue a bigger role and came back to win more championships. 

Comeback Season

Now with Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia, and Bill Belichick all on the sideline, it may make for an interesting comeback. Last year the Patriots missed the playoffs with a 7-9 record. And although they lacked talent, there’s no question more coaches with super bowl experience will help. Now all three gentlemen have head coach experience. All have taste failures and losses which will make them better coaches. 

The Patriots can make a comeback this upcoming season with the right moves. Make no mistake, bringing these guys back on the sidelines is afoot in the right direction. The only one left to possibly make a return is Mike Vrabel. But judging from his success in Tennessee don’t expect to see that anytime soon. 

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