Cam Newton Is An Insurance Policy At Quarterback For The New England Patriots In 2021

Cam Newton Is An Insurance Policy At Quarterback For The New England Patriots In 2021

Cam Newton returning to the Patriots is none other than they had no other options. The Patriots did in fact inquire about Jimmy Garoppolo, however, the 49ers wanted to wait until the draft to potentially move Garoppolo the Patriots wanted a quarterback now before the start of free agency. The 49ers also wanted an upgrade at quarterback before moving Garoppolo. They aren’t just going to send him to a team without having a quarterback that fits them. The Patriots have left at the bargain bin again and had no choice but to sign Cam back on a 1- year contract.

Jan 3, 2021; USA TODAY Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton (1) celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the New York Jets during the third quarter at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton knows the system and could have a better year in 2021. There isn’t much hope that he will be based on last season. However, with a full offseason and no COVID, he should be better. If the Patriots go in and get receiver help and an actual tight end that would be a plus too. The Patriots believe they will have a better Newton in 2021 because of a full offseason program. He is a draw to get players to play for the Patriots there are players that like Newton and will play for him.

Cam Newton Returns To New England

Now, come the draft the Patriots could make a another run at Garoppolo. This is why you’ve seen reports that they aren’t done at quarterback. The chances of them getting Garoppolo are slim because at that point another team will probably come in and pick them up. Having Newton now makes it clear they are ahead at the position when they weren’t last year. If the Patriots somehow do get Garoppolo during the draft there is a sense that he becomes the starter. However, in my opinion, I don’t see the Patriots cutting Cam because he’s so well-liked in the organization. Could a duo quarterback system work between Garoppolo and Newton? Sure, Newton could get the ball at the 20 when they are about to score. While Jimmy sets it up and gets them in scoring position. That is all hypothetical and probably won’t happen and Cam will be the starter come Week 1.

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