Patriots Will Draft A Quarterback

Patriots Will Draft A Quarterback

The mobile quarterback will be key for the Patriots this offseason. With NFL free agency two weeks away the Patriots will probably not spend high on a player. All this talk about them being aggressive is just all talk. I’ll believe it when I see it. They will bring back Cam Newton, get someone at receiver nobody has ever heard of, they’ll draft a tight end and a quarterback. The quarterback could be Jamie Newman out of Wake Forest.

Jamie Newman A Possible Fit For The Patriots?

The Mobile quarterback will be key this offseason for the Patriots.

Newman is a mobile younger version of Cam Newton. Cam can come back and work with the young guys and Newman to help him become a starting quarterback for the Patriots. However, Belichick loves Cam because he respects him. He does what he is supposed to do and takes the minimal contract. However, Patriots fans won’t be happy but Belichick doesn’t care it’s all about planning for the next ten years while feeding the media they will be aggressive. Belichick isn’t going to trade up in the draft or pick any of the top quarterbacks. Expect the Patriots to pick Jamie Newman as a quarterback to go under Cam Newton’s wing and learn.

Patriots Are Trying To Get More Mobile At The Quarterback Position

However, The quarterback position is more mobile now than before. It’s not drop back and pass to find the open receiver. Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and Russell Wilson have been successful in being mobile. However, The Patriots need to get with the times which is one of the reasons they brought in Cam Newton last year. He just didn’t throw well and hopefully with a full offseason he will be better.

Bill Belichick has a lot of work to do to be better in 2021. He will do that by being cheap and not spending a lot of money on free agents. There will be a lot of players probably nobody has ever heard of that he’ll pick up. It’ll be an interesting couple of weeks that’s for sure.

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