Is David Krejci Overpaid?

Is David Krejci Overpaid?

Is David Krejci overpaid? This has become an all too common post in Bruins fan social media. Many Bruins fans have a type of player they like. Usually, that player is a big physical goal scorer like Lucic or Neely. Some fans love Bergeron a goal-scoring two-way forward who is tough as nails and a leader in the room. Unfortunately for Krejci, he doesn’t fit either of those. His slow-it-down game isn’t always exciting to watch and he isn’t going to deliver any crushing hits. What he does provide is some of the best vision and passing ability in the league. So let’s look at why Krejci has earned every penny of his deal and continues to do so all these years later.

David Krejci vs The Big 3

Many of those posts I talked about point to the fact Bergeron, Marchand, and Pastrnak all make less than Krejci. First for reference Krejci makes 7.25 million per year Bergeron makes 6.875 million Marchand makes 6.175 million and Pasta makes 6.667 million. Let’s get Pasta out of the way first since his deal was signed after his ELC.

David Krejci Stanley Cup champion.
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In his first 3 seasons, Pasta played in 172 games and scored 123 points. In his final ELC year, the 16-17 season Pastrnak played 75 games and scored 70 points with 34 goals. That last year jumps off the page, however, in the two previous seasons he scored just 25 goals over his first 97 games. Yes, that third year was amazing but there was no guarantee Pastrnak could keep it up, just look at Ryan Johansson. So locking him up to a 6 year 40 million dollar deal was a good deal for both sides. If you agree Pastrnak is grossly underpaid that doesn’t mean someone making more than him is overpaid.

Now let’s move on to Bergeron and Marchand. Bergeron signed his current deal in July of 2013. That deal was for 8 years and paid 55 million dollars. In the five seasons before that deal, he played in 340 games scoring 244 points. Marchand signed his current deal in September of 2016. That deal was for 8 years and paid 49 million dollars. In the five seasons before signing that deal Marchand played in 357 games and scored 247 points. Those numbers break down to Bergeron scoring about .72 points per game and Marchand scoring .69 points per game. It’s safe to say both players have vastly exceeded the numbers they put up when those deals were signed.

David Krejci

As for David Krejci’s numbers in September 2014 he signed a 6-year deal worth 43.5 million dollars. In the five seasons before he signed that deal Krejci played in 360 games and scored 278 points. That is a rate of just over .77 points per game better than both Bergeron and Marchand. Krejci played just three more games than Marchand but scored 31 more points.

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Since his rookie season in 07-08, Krejci has never finished worse than 9th in team scoring. That 9th was a season where he scored 31 points in 47 games. If you prorate those totals to a full 82 games Krejci was on pace for 54 points which would have been second on the team. In fact, Krejci has finished top 5 in the team scoring 10 times and top 3 8 times. In his seven seasons since signing his current deal David Krejci has played in 422 games and scored 318 points. That breaks down to .753 points per game good for 66th among all players in that time. David Krejci is the 56th highest-paid player in the league at 7.25 million dollars per year.

League-Wide Comparables

Let’s not just focus on the Bruins and bring some other players into the conversation. First is Logan Couture star’s top-line center for the Sharks. Couture is the 42nd highest-paid player in the league. In his last seven seasons, Couture has played in 435 games scoring 341 points a rate of .784 points per game 59th in the league. Next is Max Pacioretty who is the 60th highest-paid player in the league. In his last seven seasons, he has played 460 games scoring 354 points for .77 points per game 61st in the league.

Boston 02/27/20 Boston Bruins vs Stars-Bruins David Krejci throws a punch at Stars Joe Pavelski as they fight in the 2nd period. Photo by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff(sports)

Matt Duchene is the 39th highest-paid player in the league and in his seven seasons played 475 games with 334 points. That comes out to .703 points per game good for 86th in the league. Now for a bargain with Mika Zibanejad the 167th highest-paid player. In his last seven seasons, he has played 445 games with 336 points for .755 points per game 65th in the league. Finally Kevin Hayes the 59th highest-paid player. In his last seven seasons, he has played 466 games scoring 286 points for .614 points per game 142nd in the league.

Final Thoughts

David Krejci has been one of the most consistent Bruins for well over a decade. In the playoffs when the stars make their money Krejci has played 145 games and scored 115 points. That comes out to .793 points per game. Making his numbers even more impressive is the talent he has played with over the years. Does anyone remember when Marco Sturm was the best goal scorer on the team? Krejci has gone through some lean offensive years and still been able to put up numbers.

Just because a player took less money doesn’t make another player overpaid. If anything that better player is underpaid. Bergeron and Marchand chose to take term over more per year. David Krejci will likely be one of the most underappreciated Bruins of all time but he is not overpaid based on his numbers. If you want to look up anything salary cap goes to CapFriendly. For anything stats, related quanthockey is a very interesting site. Until the next time stay safe out there LET’S GO BRUINS and David Krejci isn’t overpaid the posts need to stop.

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