Bright Sides To Look At During The Celtics Struggles

Bright Sides To Look At During The Celtics Struggles

The bright sides may be a little dim as the Celtics have been struggling through a lot this season. With COVID, injuries, and simply lack of production, they’ve been taking over headlines. But don’t turn your back too quick, because some silver linings may save the season.

Bright Sides Lay In The Trade Deadline 

Trade talks have been the focal point of the Celtics for the past couple of weeks. Although they may have Tatum and Brown the Celtics could indeed use a scoring big. And in todays era, it’s better more than ever now to get highly skilled players to leave their teams. Thanks to the departure of Hayward, the Celtics have a nice salary number to play with. The trade deadline is next month and Danny Ainge is known for making aggressive moves around this time. 

Only a Winning Streak Away From Top Seed

As the east has gotten better it’s also tighter than it’s ever been. Despite the lackluster record right now, the Celtics still are in the middle of the playoff race. And knowing the young talent that Brad Stevens has on his team, they can pull together a serious streak. As Kemba Walker gets more in rhythm and their chemistry builds Boston can be better. However, due to the shorter season that does make the clock move a bit faster. 

The Bright Sides In All-Star Weekend Break

The bright sides may lay with Jayson Tatum getting a much needed break.
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Much like other teams in the NBA, the Celtics have been playing a lot of games in a short span. And with the lack of depth they process, it’s taking a toll on the players. The star players to be more precise. Tatum and Brown look exhausted out there at times as they play isolation ball. The lack of rotation and hustle on the court is partially due to fatigue. This all-star break may be exactly what they need as a bright side. Tatum and Brown indeed will be playing the all-star game, but it will still be a nice break from serious action. Perhaps it will be a time for Ainge and Stevens to regroup and go back to the drawing board. The second half of the regular season will be more important than ever. It will also allow guys such as Marcus Smart to get back healthy. 

Young Guys Ready To Go 

With all the talks about the big two in Tatum and Brown, many are forgetting the uprising of some young players. Robert Williams is also known as ‘Time Stopper’ has been upping his play. So much that analysts and fans are suggesting him starting over Tristan Thompson. The high rising young Center can shot block and finish over defenders. And if his offensive game can take a step up, he may be the exact key that the Celtics are needing. Payton Pritchard has already shown that he belongs in the NBA. The only question may be what’s their ceiling for this season? So despite all that’s happening, there are still some bright sides going on for the Celtics. 

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