Why All-Star Weekend Happening This Year Is A Good Thing

Why All-Star Weekend Happening This Year Is A Good Thing

The all-star weekend will be taking place in Atlanta on March 7th. As stated earlier, LeBron James said that it was a “slap in the face” for many reasons. And while some may agree that it’s pointless to have an all-star game with no crowd, there’s a bright side to looking at this. 

All-Star Weekend Is For Players Who Won’t Make The Finals 

It’s obvious for someone like King James to be upset for the event to be happening. For him and the Lakers, they had a very short offseason right after a very long postseason. Rest is not only important but is essential during a time like this. However, for the other players who had a long offseason and have no finals aspirations, this is more for them. 

Guys such as Bradley Beal and Steph Curry who are averaging 30 a night are a spectacle to watch. But because of their lack of help, their team’s lack of success has overshadowed their play to some degree. Because of that, they have no shot of going to the finals. During the all-star break, they can showcase their talent to the basketball world and have fun doing it. So while James may be right to be upset, it’s not really for him. 

It’s More For NBA Fans Right Now 

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As much some players may enjoy the all-star weekend, it’s always been about the fans. And during this pandemic, fans need all the sports they can get for their morale. Events such as the dunk contest and 3 point shooting is for fans to tweet and go on social media as it’s happening. Celebrities join in on the fun online and it brings thousands of eyes to the league. Just like the Super Bowl, people who aren’t exactly basketball fans come to see. Where else will you see LeBron James catch an alley-oop from Kevin Durant? (In this super team era it’s very possible actually) And cannot forget about all the charities and fundraisers that are helped each year. The all-star event impacts a lot of other things non-basketball-related. 

Atlanta Is Open Which May Be Good Or Bad

The all-star weekend is for the fans and extra activities.
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There’s no secret that Atlanta has been ‘lax’ when it comes to COVID protocols. Clubs, malls, and places are open. Celebrities are performing and events are going down. Depending on how one views it, it can be a good or bad thing. Of course part of the all-star weekend is the festivities that happen a night. The money will be rolling in and people will be flying into the city to take part. 

As things get better with the vaccine being distributed, things are not over. As a result, NBA players most likely won’t be able to attend the extra activities. However, for the fans, all-star weekend happening may be a bright side to what appears to be hard times. So before you completely side with King James, look on the bright side of this situation.